Breaking stereotypes through the simple act of breaking bread.

A seat at the table

Breaking stereotypes through the simple act of breaking bread.

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Be part of the change.

What if you could counter hate and bigotry by simply sharing a meal? At Faith & Culture Center, we believe you can. That’s why the table is at the center of everything we do.

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At Faith & Culture Center, we build community by helping people get to know their neighbors, and we’re convinced the table is the best place to do just that. Our table brings together people from different backgrounds—people who otherwise may never have the chance to know one another—and provides a space for a shared meal and open, honest dialogue without fear or judgment. In this space, meaningful relationships are built across lines of religion, race, ethnicity, and culture, relationships that last long after the plates have been cleared.

You don’t have to move mountains to shatter the divide. Just come to the table. We saved you a seat.

Out of the ashes of hate, hope burns bright.

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Our history

Faith & Culture Center traces its roots back to the firebombing of the Islamic Center of Columbia, Tennessee, in 2008. Instead of letting hate get the last word, Faith & Culture Center set out to rewrite the narrative, because when people actually get to know their neighbors, the fear ends and the hate stops.

Today, we’re on a mission to foster unity and understanding among diverse communities in Middle Tennessee, preventing the fires of bigotry and hatred before they ever start.


Our programs


A Seat At the Table

A Seat at the Table creates a brave space for you to listen, share, and learn. If you’re human, you’re welcome—no matter your culture, beliefs, or experience. Come share a meal, and get to know your neighbors.


abdelkader ambassador program

This program inspires and trains millennial leaders (and aspiring leaders) to design and implement bridge-building programs across the communities and organizations they represent and lead.


Music city iftar

Held each year during the month of Ramadan, the Music City Iftar brings our local community together across lines of faith, race, culture, and ethnicity for civic engagement, dialogue, and cooperation.

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