Breaking stereotypes through the simple act of breaking bread.

Our Programs

Change can be daunting on your own. At Faith & Culture Center, we make it easy for you to go from meaning well to making a difference. Plug into a diverse community of people who are just as eager as you are to lean in and learn, and use the power of real relationship to turn bigotry and hate around.


A Seat at the Table

As humans, we’re wired for connection. Yet, most of us stick to the people who look, talk, and believe like us. A Seat at the Table (ASATT) invites you to step out of your bubble and connect with people you wouldn’t normally share a meal with. These small gatherings offer the intimacy of a home setting with a catered dinner and structured conversation. All you have to do is show up.

Attending an ASATT dinner is more than an educational experience—it’s a personal one. Expect to share stories, ask questions, and break boundaries as you reach across the table in friendship and forge new relationships.


A Seat at the Table is:


We welcome all to our table.


We do not ask you to check your beliefs at the door, but invite you to bring all of yourself to the conversation.


We respect who you are, your worldview, and your deeply held beliefs.


All the logistics, including invitations and catering, are taken care of by our staff.


We provide experienced facilitators to help guide a productive conversation.


We want to know you and for you to know others.


We initiate relationships and provide spaces to grow and nurture them.


It is our sincere hope that you will leave with a better understanding of what it’s like to be sitting on the “other side” of the table.  After experiencing ASATT, we hope you will go out into the world and live it.  


Abdelkader Ambassador Program for Millennials

Millennials are our future, and this program ignites a new generation of bridge-builders in the spirit of 19th-century commander and humanitarian Emir Abdelkader. Developed in partnership with the William and Mary Greve Foundation, the Abdelkader Education Project, and Humanities Tennessee, it equips rising leaders with the relationships, skills, and resources they need to create diverse and inclusive programs in the communities they represent and lead.

Eligibility requirements: Open to Middle Tennessee applicants ages 20-30 who demonstrate proof of civic or professional leadership and can participate in required seminars and group program development. 

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 Music City Iftar

Every year during the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast from dawn to sunset, breaking their fast daily with a communal meal shared with family and friends. The Music City Iftar brings Muslims and non-Muslims from across Middle Tennessee to the table to celebrate and learn about this tradition, and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Held in partnership with the Metro Human Relations Commission, this annual event is free and open to the public.


Community Leaders Retreat

The Community Leaders Retreat creates space for evangelical Christian pastors and Muslim community and religious leaders to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Launched in 2017 with support from Open Society Foundations, this 36-hour retreat focused on building trust and meaningful relationship between all participants.  It was followed by a mosque-church exchange, and a series of cooperative service projects to support teachers, staff, students, and families at a local public school.

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 Our Muslim Neighbor Conference

This conference gives Muslim and non-Muslim voices a forum for unpacking and understanding how negative stereotypes affect Muslims on both the national and local level.

Each year’s event explores a different theme with keynote speakers, guided conversation, and small group breakout sessions. Participants work together to construct solutions for responding to anti-Muslim sentiment and reshaping the narrative in their own communities.